Asparagus Salad | Spargelsalat


After a long winter, we all look forward to spring again. Apart from warmer temperatures and longer hours of daylight, I long for the return of locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables. For me green asparagus is the spring vegetable I always look forward to the most.

In my opinion green asparagus should simply be seared in a bit of olive oil and seasoned with salt and lemon juice. Prepared this way it is a versatile side dish but can also be added to pasta or risotto dishes. For this light salad, the asparagus is paired up with eggs, cottage cheese and sprouts.

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Soup and Semolina Dumplings | Grießnockerlsuppe


Officially it is spring and the warm weather of the last few weeks had us thinking winter is indeed over. April in Austria however usually brings back cold temperatures for a few days. This week it was even snowing again – the perfect weather for a soup to warm you up.

Especially a broth made from beef and served with various dumplings or noodles is a traditional Austrian dish. My favourite dumplings for soup are “Grießnockerl” – semolina dumplings – however, I prefer vegetable broth instead of the beef broth.

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Cheese Spaetzle (with Spinach)| Spinat-Käsespätzle

img_2809“Spätzle” are sometimes compared to noodles – for me they are more like very small dumplings. The dough used for Spätzle is quite thin and similar to pancake dough, containing a lot of eggs and flour that is high in gluten. Spätzle are a popular side dish in Austria as well as in Germany and Switzerland.

Käsespätzle however, are a main dish – the cooked Spätzle are mixed _69a6586lammersdorferhuette_raffalt_2with mature cheese (quite strong in flavour) and are usually served topped with fried onions and a salad on the side. In Austria, this dish is either called “Käsespätzle”,”Kasspåtzn” or “Käsknöpfle” depending on the region. They are very popular especially in the western parts of Austria and a typical dish to enjoy in one of the mountain cabins when hiking or skiing.

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Very Blueberry Pancakes | Heidelbeerpuffer

I first came across this dish during a skiing trip in Tyrol, Austria. One of the ski huts (Hütte in German) had them on their menu. I expected something different  – an ordinary pancake with a few blueberries on top – but I was pleasantly surprised when these pancakes arrived.

Since they are made of blueberries for the most part they are moist and strong in flavour. It is not at all a problem to use frozen blueberries in this versatile recipe – the pancakes make a great breakfast, lunch or even desert.

Serve them with warm apple compote made with cinnamon and cloves – ideal for a cold winter day.

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Welcome to Delicious Alps!


I started this blog because I noticed that a wide range of Austrian food, especially the vegetarian options, are not well known or popular. Although being Austrian myself it took me some time to realise how versatile but also distinct the Austrian cuisine is. To be fair, I should probably be talking about food from the alpine countries here, since we also share some of the typical Austrian recipes with our neighbouring countries.

For a long time I liked to cook everything except for Austrian dishes. I liked to try foreign recipes – it had to feel exotic.
Still, getting inspired by unfamiliar tastes, new recipies or by just browsing through a local supermarket are very essential experiences for me when travelling.
Yet it also was travelling and talking about food with people from abroad that made me think about Austrian food again.  While I still like to experiment and try recipes from all over the world, I nowadays also turn to some familiar Austrian recipes on a regular basis.

Here on Delicious Alps I will share my favourite Austrian recipies (most of them vegetarian) – there will definitely be a wide range of dumplings (savoury and sweet), soups, cakes, breads but also some surprises along the way!

Besides recipes and maybe some kitchen experiments, I will also post pictures of Austria and the regions and landscapes that inspired the recipes. For me  a certain dish feels more familar if I have an image of a place in mind that I associate it with – it is maybe similar to putting a face to a name.

So for now, here are some first small insights into what Austria and its alpine landscapes look like. Some recipes inspired by them are coming up soon!

Dieser Blog ist den vielen klassisch österreichischen Gerichten gewidmet, vor allem den vegetarischen Varianten, die sich zum Teil leider über keine große Bekanntheit freuen dürfen. Auch ich brauchte einige Zeit um zu erkennen wie vielfältig, gleichzeitig aber auch speziell die österreichische Küche ist. Genaugenommen sollte ich hier aber wohl eher über die Küche der Alpenländer sprechen, da viele der österreichischen Rezepte auch in unseren Nachbarländern typisch sind oder von ihnen inspiriert sind.

Lange Zeit habe ich einen Bogen um österreichische Rezepte gemacht – sie erschienen mir schlichtweg nicht spannden genug. Ich habe vor allem “exotische” – also für mich unbekannte, ausländische Rezepte probiert.
Auch heute noch lasse ich mich auf Reisen gerne von unbekannten Geschmäckern überraschen und inspirieren und bin auf der Suche nach neuen Rezepte oder neuen Zutaten.
Es war aber auch das Reisen und Gespräche über Essen, die mich wieder über die österreichische Küche nachdenken ließen. Ich probiere zwar noch immer gerne Rezepte aus den unterschiedlichsten Ländern aus, ich koche aber inzwischen immer öfter auch altbekannte österreichische Gerichte.

Hier auf Delicious Alps teile ich meine liebsten österreichischen (und zumeist vegetarischen) Rezepte. Darunter findet sich eine große Auswahl an unterschiedlichsten Knödeln (sowohl salzig als auch süß), Suppen, Kuchen, Brote und sicher auch die eine oder andere Überraschung.

Neben Rezepten und vielleicht auch so manchem Küchenexperiment werde ich hier auch Fotos von Österreich und den Regionen und Landschaften, die die Rezepte inspirieren posten. Gewisse Gerichte verbindet man einfach mit bestimmten Orten und stellt einen viel engeren Bezug dazu her, wenn man ein Bild vor Augen hat – so, wie man einem Namen ein Gesicht zuordnet.

Daher  auch vorerst der kleine Einblick in Österreichs alpine Landschaften – davon inspirierte Rezepte folgen in Kürze!