Apricot Jam | Marillenmarmelade


To celebrate the start of the apricot season, I prepared some homemade apricot jam. Although preserving fruits as jam is by no means a purely Austrian tradition – it’s rather a global custom – apricot jam is the typical Austrian jam in my opinion. Maybe I feel this way because apricot jam is also used in most of the traditional Austrian cakes and sweets (just think about Sachertorte, swiss roll or the Austrian crêpes – Palatschinken). Or maybe I just feel this way because I grew up in the “apricot region of Austria” – Wachau. It is in any case the reason why I feel that apricot jam has to be homemade!

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Preserving Elderflowers | Hollerblüten Einkochen


I love the taste of elderflowers and as most likely mentioned before I like foraging for edible plants. As soon as I spot the first delicate white elderflower blossoms in one of the parks or gardens here in Vienna, I know it is time to hunt for my favourite wild plant. Elderflower cordial is a must, but this year I went slightly overboard and collected enough elderflowers to not only restock my syrup supplies but also to try something new: elderflower jelly.

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