Carinthian Pasta | Kärntner Kasnudeln


Kärntner Kasnudeln are an Austrian pasta speciality from Carinthia (a region in the south of Austria). This type of filled pasta is quite similar to Italian ravioli and it might just be an Italian influence – after all Carianthia abuts Italy. Kärntner Kasnudeln however are filled with a mixture of curd, potatoes and fresh herbs (in particular mint).

In contrast to the Italian ravioli, there is a particular way to fold this Austrian pasta – krendeln – not only to close the pasta around the filling but also to create the characteristic, ornamentally twisted edge.

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Potato patties with smoked trout | Forellen-Erdäpfel-Laibchen

This modern dish is inspired by typical Austrian ingredients and cooking styles. The recipe img_2358cis quite simple to follow but the result looks and tastes like you took a lot of effort. Arrange the individual components on plates in a single stack for an elegant look, suited for a more formal dinner or pile everything on a large plate or wooden board that you put into the middle of the table for a more rustic feeling – suitable for a lunch amongst family or friends.

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Dumplings and Red Cabbage | Erdäpfelknödel und Rotkraut

erdapfelknodel_rotkraut8a_kleinEspecially during autumn and winter red cabbage and dumplings made from potatoes are popular dishes in Austria. They are often served as side dish together with roast goose. But in this recipe the dumplings are the main attraction – they are filled with a savoury stuffing of mushrooms and smoked tofu and are served with red cabbage, chestnuts and leek.

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