Almond and Honey Cake | Bienenstich


In German, this cake is known as Bienenstich (= bee sting). While this sounds rather unpleasant, I promise this cake does not live up to its name. This cake for dessert in comparison to getting stung by a bee is a completely opposing experience.

The name of this cake goes back to the 15th century when two young bakers protected the German city Andernach from an attack. They saw the enemy coming and dropped beehives from the city wall onto the attackers. The bees stung the enemy troops and drove them away. In celebration of the victory this honey and almond cake (filled with vanilla custard) – Bienenstich – was created.

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Dark Bread with Spices | Gewürzmischbrot

wachauer_jausenlaib5As much as a like to travel, dark or brown bread is the one food I always miss when traveling and to which I look forward to when returning to Austria. The vast choice of bread in Austria is something I highly value –  there are so many types of bread, it never gets boring!

This recipe is a so called mixed bread, as it combines whole grain and light flour as well as wheat, spelt and rye flour. The added spices are very common spices for these dark types of bread in Austria. The bread is rich in taste and quite moist and keeps fresh for at least up to 3 days (that is, in case you restrain yourself from eating the whole loaf on the first day).

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