Apricot Jam | Marillenmarmelade


To celebrate the start of the apricot season, I prepared some homemade apricot jam. Although preserving fruits as jam is by no means a purely Austrian tradition – it’s rather a global custom – apricot jam is the typical Austrian jam in my opinion. Maybe I feel this way because apricot jam is also used in most of the traditional Austrian cakes and sweets (just think about Sachertorte, swiss roll or the Austrian crêpes – Palatschinken). Or maybe I just feel this way because I grew up in the “apricot region of Austria” – Wachau. It is in any case the reason why I feel that apricot jam has to be homemade!

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Swiss Roll | Biskuitroulade

This type orolle3f cake is known around the world and local versions have developed in various countries over time. The name “swiss roll” might suggest otherwise, but in fact this cake has its origin in Austria. The typical Viennese version – “Biskuitroulade” in German – is simply filled with apricot jam.

Vienna is known for its pastries and cakes – some of the most popular ones like Sachertorte are quite time-consuming in their making. This roll however is an easy introduction into the art of Viennese (or Austrian) pastries and cakes – it only takes a few ingredients and little time to prepare and if sticking to some basic rules, success is guaranteed.

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