Soup and Semolina Dumplings | Grießnockerlsuppe


Officially it is spring and the warm weather of the last few weeks had us thinking winter is indeed over. April in Austria however usually brings back cold temperatures for a few days. This week it was even snowing again – the perfect weather for a soup to warm you up.

Especially a broth made from beef and served with various dumplings or noodles is a traditional Austrian dish. My favourite dumplings for soup are “Grießnockerl” – semolina dumplings – however, I prefer vegetable broth instead of the beef broth.

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Leek Salad | Lauchsalat – challenge accepted


I was asked to come up with a recipe for a leek salad (Lauchsalat in German) by my friends at lauchsalat. To be clear right from the start, their blog is not dedicated to this one particular dish – the guys at lauchsalat are rather committed to sport and share their experience doing triathlon. Where does leek fit in there? You can find an explanation on their blog.

But let’s get back to cooking – a leek salad it should be. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning – leek salad is not necessarily a popular and highly requested recipe. But I also like to challenge myself – so: challenge accepted!

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Austrian Flatbread | Feuerflecken

IMG_2970Flatbread seems to be a global phenomenon –  no matter where you go, some type of flatbread will be typical for this region. So of course there is also a typically Austrian flatbread – so called “Feuerflecken”. Originally this type of flatbread was a way of using up leftover raw bread dough that was simply not enough to shape a loaf. Since most people do not bake bread at home these days, this practice is not very common anymore. Today Feuerflecken are usually sold as a snack at food festivals or summertime village fairs. Before figuring out how to make this flatbread at home this was actually on of the main reasons for me to visit such events.

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Potato patties with smoked trout | Forellen-Erdäpfel-Laibchen

This modern dish is inspired by typical Austrian ingredients and cooking styles. The recipe img_2358cis quite simple to follow but the result looks and tastes like you took a lot of effort. Arrange the individual components on plates in a single stack for an elegant look, suited for a more formal dinner or pile everything on a large plate or wooden board that you put into the middle of the table for a more rustic feeling – suitable for a lunch amongst family or friends.

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