Apricot Cherry Cake | Marillen-Kirsch-Kuchen


Yes, this is the third apricot recipe in a row, but apricot season here in Austria only last for about a month. I have to make the most out of it!

I made an apricot and cherry cake this time, using one of my mother’s recipes.  It’s a great basic cake that works very well with all summer fruits such as apricots, nectarines or berries but also apples, pears or plums can be used. Feel free to leave out the cocoa powder or add chocolate chips or nuts to the dough. There are so many options – I have been thinking about red currents and chocolate lately – maybe I should make another cake…

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Almond and Honey Cake | Bienenstich


In German, this cake is known as Bienenstich (= bee sting). While this sounds rather unpleasant, I promise this cake does not live up to its name. This cake for dessert in comparison to getting stung by a bee is a completely opposing experience.

The name of this cake goes back to the 15th century when two young bakers protected the German city Andernach from an attack. They saw the enemy coming and dropped beehives from the city wall onto the attackers. The bees stung the enemy troops and drove them away. In celebration of the victory this honey and almond cake (filled with vanilla custard) – Bienenstich – was created.

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Swiss Roll | Biskuitroulade

This type orolle3f cake is known around the world and local versions have developed in various countries over time. The name “swiss roll” might suggest otherwise, but in fact this cake has its origin in Austria. The typical Viennese version – “Biskuitroulade” in German – is simply filled with apricot jam.

Vienna is known for its pastries and cakes – some of the most popular ones like Sachertorte are quite time-consuming in their making. This roll however is an easy introduction into the art of Viennese (or Austrian) pastries and cakes – it only takes a few ingredients and little time to prepare and if sticking to some basic rules, success is guaranteed.

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