Almond and Honey Cake | Bienenstich


In German, this cake is known as Bienenstich (= bee sting). While this sounds rather unpleasant, I promise this cake does not live up to its name. This cake for dessert in comparison to getting stung by a bee is a completely opposing experience.

The name of this cake goes back to the 15th century when two young bakers protected the German city Andernach from an attack. They saw the enemy coming and dropped beehives from the city wall onto the attackers. The bees stung the enemy troops and drove them away. In celebration of the victory this honey and almond cake (filled with vanilla custard) – Bienenstich – was created.

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Homemade Cottage Cheese


I do have this urge to produce all kinds of food (and sometimes also other stuff) myself – at least once, just to know how it is done.

As much as I love homemade food, cheese is the exception:  I buy it – regularly. Producing cheese (the real and tasty kind – mature cheese) at home, especially storing it in my apartment for several months while it needs to age, is not really an option. I accepted that and I don’t even consider producing my own cheese, but I also found a way to compensate here: Cottage cheese – this can be made at home easily.

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Preserving Elderflowers | Hollerblüten Einkochen


I love the taste of elderflowers and as most likely mentioned before I like foraging for edible plants. As soon as I spot the first delicate white elderflower blossoms in one of the parks or gardens here in Vienna, I know it is time to hunt for my favourite wild plant. Elderflower cordial is a must, but this year I went slightly overboard and collected enough elderflowers to not only restock my syrup supplies but also to try something new: elderflower jelly.

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Asparagus Salad | Spargelsalat


After a long winter, we all look forward to spring again. Apart from warmer temperatures and longer hours of daylight, I long for the return of locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables. For me green asparagus is the spring vegetable I always look forward to the most.

In my opinion green asparagus should simply be seared in a bit of olive oil and seasoned with salt and lemon juice. Prepared this way it is a versatile side dish but can also be added to pasta or risotto dishes. For this light salad, the asparagus is paired up with eggs, cottage cheese and sprouts.

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